Top Websites For Traffic Generation In 2018

If you are doing SEO for your website, you must know the reason why do we need traffic for our website. Because of its important, there are a lot of people have to decide to hire freelancers who have a well knowledge about SEO in order to help them build or speed up traffic for their sites. We will show you best websites for traffic generation in 2018.

What is traffic?

In SEO, traffic is a terminology which is used to show the numbers of visitors come to your website in a specific of time. This terminology will be used regularly in all SEO projects or any things which relate to SEO. Therefore, speed up as well as building traffic is the purpose of all “SEOers”; especially for those who are running news websites, online shop or blog.

Why traffic is important on SEO?

  • Help increasing the prestige of your website in search engines.
  • Having a stable and high traffic will affect directly to your website’ rank.
  • Having a high traffic means that your website contains a lot of high quality content.
  • High traffic helps increasing the conversion rate (CR).

Besides, there are many kinds of traffic that you also need to know.

  • Referral traffic. This is the numbers of visitors are from others website come to your page through the backlink.
  • Social traffic. This is the numbers of visitors are from social network like Google+, Twitter or Facebook, and most of the visitors come to your site through articles or banners on the social networks.
  • Direct traffic. This is the numbers of visitors come directly to your website.
  • Organic search traffic. This is the numbers of visitors come to your website through results of the search engine.

It is clear to say that traffic is always one of the important indexes in SEO. Besides its necessary role in improving the website rank, there are also some others benefits that traffic can bring to SEO.

  • Increasing the popular rate for your site.
  • Help your website improving as well as building prestige (domain authority).
  • Increasing the numbers of new visitors.
  • Evaluating the users’ interest with your website.

In fact, all of the “SEOer” and businesses must set a traffic target for their SEO, they also must know and find the potential keywords in order to improve the rate of traffic and potential traffic for their site. Each different keyword will bring to a different potential traffic for SEO, and in order to calculate the numbers of potential traffic, we need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: checking the average numbers of needed keywords have been found on SEO in every month. You can check it by using keywords checker tools, such as Google Analytics.
  • Step 2: determine the website’s position with used keywords in google rank.

    Career In Freelancing
    Career In Freelancing

Moreover, some of successful affiliates and “SEOers” suggest that if you want to increase rapidly the rate of traffic, you should combine SEO and content writing. Some of large businesses have decided to combine these two projects, and it has brought them a huge rate of traffic. Here are 6 effective combination ways:

  • Creating a great content which makes Wikipedia want to link with.
  • Try to uses the keywords as much as you can to write a content or article.
  • Focus on the quality of content.
  • Do not forget to use FAQ.
  • Creating a related blog for the users, so they can post their articles.
  • Do not forget to use cross link.

In case, if you do not want to combine SEO and content writing for your site, these are a several ways that you can use to increase your traffic; however, some of it might cost you much fee.

  1. Must pay for advertising fee on Google.
  2. Get Social
  3. Mix It Up
  4. Write Irresistible Headlines
  5. Pay Attention to On-Page SEO
  6. Target Long-Tail Keywords
  7. Start Guest Blogging
  8. Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site
  9. Post Content to LinkedIn
  10. Interview Industry Though Leaders

Furthermore, if you are having some trouble with improving as well as building your traffic for your SEO, these are the best traffic generating websites that you can use.


By using this site, you can have a chance to receive a free traffic in order to upgrade your site rank. Besides, if you are running a business which relates to online business, Trafficape is an ideal tool for you.


This is a perfect web traffic for blog, social media and website. Together with increasing the traffic, it also increase the numbers of potential viewers for your website, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube. Until now, Trafficswirl is available in more than 145 countries in the world.


This is the top traffic generating website for webmaster and traffic reseller. Unlike other traffic site, 10khits allows the users can use fully the traffic from the top social networks like Tumblr, Google +, Facebook and Twitter.


If you are looking for a best traffic generating website in UK, this site will be a best option for you. Trafficbot provides to the users a high quality traffic which more than millions visitors come to your site per month. Besides, there also offers to you a great option which can get traffic from others countries, such as Asian, European or American traffic.


This website provides a free traffic for all users, and you can also post directly some free ads for your website. Especially, you can add your URL to some major search engine like Google, Bing or when you create an account here.


This is one of the top and friendly traffic generating websites in the world. By using this, you will receive so much high quality visit from the first countries in the world. Most of the gained traffic here are from the niche site or social networks like Facebook or Twitter.


By using addmefast, you can improve effectively your likes and shares on your Twitter, Google+ or Facebook and Youtube. Actually, this is one of the best traffic generating websites for those who want to increase their social network presence. You can find, choose and delete what you do not like in your social network like follow/view or subscribe.


This is good the traffic generating site which is used for SEO purpose. It will help the users can boost their website traffic and connect with other users from different countries in the world.


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