Make Money By Dropshipping On Shopify

Do you know besides of becoming the affiliate marketing, a freelancer or joining Fivver for selling T-shirts, another way to help you make some money and improve your income is dropshipping on Shopify. In these recent years, make money by dropshipping on Shopify has successfully attracted lots of people, and it becomes one of the first considerations for those who want to work at home.


Firstly, you must understand what is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method which can be understood as the middle-man between the product sellers and the buyers. Your job is receiving the order and sending it to the providers who will bring the final products to the final customers. The money that you earn is the difference between the price of the suppliers and the price that you sell the customers. However, you must acknowledge that your commission will be deducted for the shipping costs.

In other words, you will buy the products with the low rate than selling it at the higher price. The commission can up to hundreds of percentages depending on the products and how good you can find the suppliers. Mostly the margin should be around 20-40% in order to attract and keep the customers.

Who Can Join Shopify?

This is an ideal job for those who want to improve their income. You can earn yourself around $100-$200 per month if you spend at least 2 – 3 hours per day with your partner. At the beginning, it will be quite difficult for you to earn that kinds of money within 2 to 3 hours, so the help from an experienced person is really necessary. Although everybody make money by dropshipping on Shopify easily, this is the perfect job for these 3 groups:

  • Office

If you are an office employee, this job will be very suitable with you. Spending 2-3 hours free time per day to look for the suppliers and manage the orders will help you gain at least $200 to $250 per month. If you want to increase your sales, it means that you must invest more time and effort. This is the time that you should think carefully about taking a Dropshipping as your fulltime job.

  • Students

As a student, you will have lots of free time than many others people, and it is one of your advances. This job only requires you spend time to do research and research, then you will earn lots of money for yourself. Another fantastic thing that make Dropshipping becomes the perfect job for the students is that it does not require any initial investment. If you spend 3-5 hours per day and have a great supplier, you can earn at least $300 – $400 per month.

  • People who are new to the online business industry

If you just start your online business, your knowledge, research and analyze skills will be really necessary in order to help gain the success in the market. As a fresher, joining Dropshipping on Shopify will be the one of the best ideas. It will help you equip all the basic knowledge and skills before step in the large online market. In order to successfully make money by dropshipping on Shopify, you must spend lots of times to do research, learn how to manage to orders, learn how to find the best suppliers, how to withdraw the money from Pay Pal or any third parties… With your hardworking, your minimum earning in the first few months will be around $300-500 per month.

How To Make Money By Dropshipping on Shopify?

As you know this job requires us must spend times to find the best suppliers who offer us the products in the very suitable price. As a new member of Shopify, you must follow these steps to successfully make money by dropshipping on Shopify.

Make Money By Dropshipping
Make Money By Dropshipping

Step 1. Beginning always plays an important role, and it contributes approximately 80% to the success of every project. You must find your target products and select the suppliers, then negotiate with them for the suitable price. Now, you are going to choose the shipping methods which include the times and fee.

Step 2. After choosing the suppliers, this is the time that you are going to select your sale channel. You can post it on Ebay, Amazon or your own web store.

Step 3. Create a Pay Gate account for your store, it can be PayPal, Payoneer, 2Checkout or any payment gateways which are available to Shopify. To prevent unexpected situations, you should create 2 different accounts, and the customers will pay you through your chosen gateway.

Step 4. When the client purchased your product, you are going to use their money and contact with the supplier for shipping the products to the customer.

Step 5. After packing and sending the product to your clients, they will send you the tracking info. Now, your responsibility is following the order and taking care of your customer.

Step 6. Summarize your sales and profits to see how much you have earned and how to optimize fully the steps to increase the profits for the next month.

Advances and Disadvantages of Make Money By Dropshipping on Shopify


  • The initial investment for this is really low and can be zero. However, if you want to grow your system, there will be some costs which will be much lower than the traditional business.
  • Suitable for everybody. Easy to start and fast turnaround time.
  • Not worry about the goods in a stock.
  • Receive immediately the commission after the orders are completed


  • High competition rate
  • Difficult to choose the best suppliers who provide high-quality product
  • Cannot know and manage the quality of products
  • Take lots of times to learn how to use marketing online channels

As you see it is very easy for us to make money by dropshipping on Shopify. Everything you need is a patience because it is quite difficult for us to find the suppliers with a best price at the beginning. However, if we have found them, it will be much easier and we can earn lots of money after few months.

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