Make Money By Advertising On Adsense and Other Networks

Although the global economy has become more stable than in 2008 and 2009 when was the economic crisis, some people still have to face with the unemployment problem. Because of this, online businesses as well as having an online-income becomes one of the most interesting things for all people around the world. They believe that they can earn money at home through the internet, and they do not need to go out, work in competitive places, and go back home late or having too many pressures. Besides of working as a freelance writer, a graphic designer or a tutor, you can stay at home and earn money through advertising like Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is an advertising network and developed by Google. It simply knows as a bridge between the advertisers and people who want to place ads. In order to Make Money By Advertising through Google AdSense, you must have an account, and it has two types of accounts:

  • Google AdSense hosted account. This account is used for making money on Youtube.
  • Google AdSense content account. This account is used for a website.

    Make Money on Google Adsense
    Make Money on Google Adsense

About the hosted account. This is one of the most popular “online-income” ways in the world. However, in order to link your Youtube channel with Google AdSense, your video must have at least 10,000 views. Then, you will have money when the viewers have at least one of these actions: watch at least 60% of your video, watch completely the advertising video and click on the ad banner in your video.

About Google AdSense content account. Unlike the hosted account, you must have your own website if you want to make money through Google AdSense. In fact, earning money through your content account might be more difficult than hosted account because you have to wait for the acceptance from Google. Some online marketing experts suggested that you should not start this if you do not already have your own website. In case, if you have your own website, you must make sure your website has a good and high-quality content before register a Google AdSense content account. Actually, it is not really hard to have a website, and you can create it through WordPress, and what will help you have an acceptance from Google?

  1. You need a website which has a high-quality content:

AdSense always requires the website must have a plentiful content, and it can include all kinds of contents, such as image, video, and text; however, you must make sure these contents do not violate AdSense policy.

  1. Having a high-quality website:

It is not only about the content, you must also provide a high-quality website. Because Google is responsible for the payment from the advertisers. So they do not allow for their ad banners occur on the low-quality websites.

  1. Must have a medium to high traffic:

AdSense is known as one of the best and easiest ways to earn money through the internet as long as you have a huge number of traffics on your website because your earning depending on the click that people come to your site and click on ad banners (earning per click and click through rate). Some people mention that you should not start Google AdSense if you do not have at least 300-400 access per day.

  1. Having the right keywords

If you have some keywords on your contents, you can earn more money in another ad platform (can be known as SEO). Your content must have some keywords which are used by advertisers to promote their products and services as well as compete with others companies. In fact, if you have a high traffic and good contents with strong and target keywords, you can earn the amounts of money through AdSense.

  1. Implement fully AdSense Policies.

AdSense represents for 1/3 Google’s revenues, so they have a very strict rule. If you do not follow their policies, your account will be banned and deleted.

  1. Having a website which does not focus strongly on AdSense

If you are creating a website for AdSense’ purpose. Google might not allow you because they find that it is quite hard for them to evaluate your website content. Therefore, you must have a clear goal and preferably just earn money from AdSense.

Actually, if you read some articles and research clearly about Google AdSense, you will see all of the websites which have earned the amounts of money, have these good same points:

  • These websites have a plentiful content with top quality.
  • Have a huge rate of traffic.
  • Implement fully AdSense policies.
  • Although there is some ad banner in the fold, it does not cause any harms for users’ experience.
  • All of these websites have the same purpose which provides products and services to the viewers. It does not concentrate on earning revenue from AdSense.

Besides of Google AdSense, there are a lot of networks where you can earn money through advertising.

  • Pay Per Click (known as Cost Per Click). You will receive money from Pay Per Click when someone clicks on your provided link which is belonged to advertisers.
  • This site has been seen as a big alternative to AdSense. They assign a dedicated account to help you make money through your advertising.
  • You can sell ads on your blog. If your blog has a high number of traffics, you can choose this way to make some money.
    • This is an online ad-marketplace, and you can list all of your ad to others people. However, they will not accept any blogs which have low traffics, and BuySellAds will give you 75% of the total earning.
    • Its working process is similar with BuySellAds; however, they only give you 70% of the total earning. Moreover, BlogAds also gives their user a commission – 15% if you introduce their site to others users.
  • Cost Per Clock (CPC). It means that you will receive money from the advertisers when someone clicks on their ads.

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