How to Make Money in Fiverr

Are you looking for a job which can help you to earn at home? If your answer is yes, Fiverr will be your best choice to Make Money in Online. Today we will show you How to Make Money in Fiverr.

Fiverr is known as one of the best online markets where you can come to work, buy and sell digital things. Fiverr is just a middleman where the amount of products and services are sold by individuals or groups. Especially, this website allows for everybody can sell everything from products, services, ideas, song, logo to write SEO articles, making video and website’s traffic, and all of these transactions will be started at $5.

Fiverr is operated base on the principle “supply and demand”.  In fact, there a lot of people can earn more than a thousand dollars per month through Fiverr, and it depends on your patient, your hard working and your believe. Firstly, you need to determine what is the hottest and needed products or services in the market in order to bring you much of orders. Moreover, building and improving the trusted level is also important because it shows your reliability and your service’s quality to the clients. Trusted level will be divided into 4 stages:

How to Join in Fiverr
 Figure: How to Join in Fiverr
  • New account: Join in Fiverr and Make Money in Online By Clicking Here.
  • Level One: account has at least 10 orders with good reviews from the customers.
  • Level Two: Account must have at least 50 orders with positive reviews within 2 months.
  • Level Three: Its a highest level. As a customer, you can definitely feel safe to order or use products or services from these freelancers or sellers.

How can we become a seller in Fiverr?

Firstly, you must register an account, and it is really easy. After that, choosing “Start Selling and Become a Seller”. In this section, you need to provide your personal details which are: language, skills, education, certifications and experiences, and in order to create a perfect profile, you should consult some others good accounts. After making a good profile, you are going to create an advertisement commercial which is called as Gig in Fiverr. Here you need to fill up  5 steps: overview, pricing, requirement, gallery and publish. Furthermore, Fiverr also gives their customers who are the sellers 3 compare packages: Basic (Newbie) , Standard (Best seller)  and Premium and you can choose the most suitable packages for your business.

How can Create Gig in
 Figure: How can Create Gig in

It is obviously to say that we are using Fiverr service. We have to pay them the fee which includes packages and commission (called as a processing fee). It will be calculated as:

  • If your products or services ≤ $20, the processing fee will be $1.
  • If your products or services ≥ $20, Fiverr will take you $0.25 per extra $5. It means that if your product price is $30, you will be taken $1 from $20 and $0.5 from other $10, and your total processing fee is $1.5.

Fiverr allows for all the users using Paypal in order to make the payment process more convenient and safe. However, you must use your Paypal account to withdraw the money from Fiverr. It will also taken some fees which will be deducted depending on your country’s policy .

Top attractive services for freelancers:

  • Design and graphic designers: You can make money in fiverr by doing Graphics Design. Whether it is an online job or not. This is always one of the top attractive job in the world because all of the business must prepare for themselves a very attractive logo, banner, a business card or social media design in order to build strong image to the customers.
  • Writing and WordPress: These two services have become an attractive job when most businesses want to hire a freelancer to help them writing about the products description or any articles about their products or services in order to save their budget. Especially, speed up a WordPress site is also a needed job.

    Categories In Fiverr
    Figure:Categories In Fiverr
  • Video Explainer:  it might sounds strange with some countries in the world; especially, in Asia and Africa countries. In fact, this is a popular job because it explains shortly and fully to the viewers or customers the meaning of products or services through the videos.

If you are worry about these services which are only suitable for freelancers who have any certifications, some basic knowledge or skills, and you do not have any knowledge about design or how to write and explain articles as well as do not have enough budget to open your own business in Fiverr. Here are what you can do in order to earn some money.

  • Re-sell: if you like buying and selling stuff, this is the most suitable job for you. All of the things that you will do for this is finding the customers. Discuss with them about the products, prices and delivery time. Then, go to Fiverr or other market online sites to find that products or services with a lower price and deliver it to your clients. Now, you can have some profits through this buying and selling.
  • Affiliate: similar to other affiliate sites. Fiverr allows for their clients can earn money by introducing Fiverr register link to their friends or anybody. If  it occurs any transactions from these people, Fiverr will give you the commission (will be around $15 to $50). It definitely sounds strange that Fiverr will pay you $15 whether its transaction is just around $5. But it is true, and they only pay once. However, you must create an affiliate account to do this  Click On Here

If you are a buyer, how can you order a good service or buy a good product?
In fact, Fiverr is a large online market for everybody who is a buyer and seller in the whole world. As a buyer, you might meet some worse sellers who sell and provide bad products or service. So only choose the sellers who have a good reviews about their attitudes, service quality and their products and services quality. In case, if you do not find your needed products or services, you can send your requirements with specific products or services details. Sellers will reach and provide you your needed products. Especially, no matter you are a buyer or a seller, Fiverr will take the fee $1 for $20 and 5% fee when your transaction is higher than $20.

Verify Seller In Fiverr
      Figure: Verify Seller In Fiverr

It is clear to say that there are not easy ways to earn money. If you are looking for an online market which brings you the amounts of money.  Fiverr where provides several of attractive jobs, is your best choice. However, you must have a basic knowledge about English in order to work in fiverr. If you want to Choose a Specialist We recommend you to go In here.


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