How To Make Money By T-shirt Design

Nowadays, online marketing has become one of the most attractive businesses for everybody; especially, for students who want to earn money in order to support themselves. As a young people with an open and creative mind. There will be the amount of part-time online jobs are available. But T-shirt Design will be the easiest and can make a lot of money.

Researching and having an interesting idea for your T-shirts

  1. Visual

If you are lacking an idea for your T-shirt, by using Google Image and with some keywords like “a cool T-shirt, an attractive T-shirt or a fabulous T-shirt”, you will have a thousand of beautiful T-shirts. However, you can only use it as a sample, not as your products.n

  1. Slogans

A simple T-shirt with an interesting slogan can attract so many clients come to buy your products. There are the amounts of slogans can be found on Google Search. So you can find some of them and put it on your T-shirts.

Slogan Tshirt Design
Visual T-shirt Design
  1. File Vector

File Vector is used to implement an ad banner. Here are many top File Vectors that you can use for your shop.

  1. Using Photoshop and Illustrator

These are the two popular applications which have been used widely for designing T-shirts.

  • Use to create and fix pictures or symbols like logos or brand names by Vector picture. One of the differences between Vector pic and the others like Pixel or Bitmap is that the Vector picture is a wide picture which can change to any size but still keep its clarity and resolution.
  • This is the best graphic design software because of its easy use and its usefulness in creating and editing the image base on Pixel (Raster). Unlike Illustrator, Photoshop has developed rapidly, it can be used to create the interfaces and design websites.

In fact, there are the numerous of online T-shirt shops in the market. Most of them have paid much money in an advertisement in order to gain some revenue. As a student, we do not have much money to do that. So the only thing we can do for that is focusing on the design of our T-shirt.

  • Through Google and some top social networks, you will know the most common trend for your business. Besides, by using Google Search, you can also know what kinds of common and favorite T-shirts are in the market in order compete with others stores.
  • Mash-up. Do not be afraid of combining 2 or 3 ideal ideas for your T-shirts. Sometimes, it will bring us some surprising idea which can bring us the amount of profits.
  • Fun designing. Having an interesting and funny T-shirt will attract your clients than a T-shirt with a famous slogan or a famous actress on that. Some customers believe that wearing a funny T-shirt will help them feel more relax and they definitely come back.
  • Just a picture. If you have a graphic skill, you can create a fantastic T-shirt with your special and artistic picture. It definitely brings you some loyal customers who are willing to buy your product regularly.
  • Join Teezily. Unlike other websites, most of the T-shirts on Teezily are created and sold base on the customers’ hobby. Besides, Teezily also provides to the users so many useful tools which allow the users can design a T-shirt on this. This is the best website for those who do not know much about graphic design and do not have much money to hire other designers.

If you do not know how to design a T-shirt, you can hire your own designers. There are so many available designers for you in some freelancer website with a very suitable price. However, you must make sure these designers know exactly what you want for your T-shirt, and the picture must be in these formats – .jpeg, .png, .jpg and .eps. It also must have at least 300dpi resolution. It means they have to use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop for your design.

How to start Career In Freelancing
How to start Career In Freelancing

Actually, TeeSpring is one of the top places for those who want to design and sell their T-shirt. Creating a free account and you can start your business.

  1. Designing your T-shirt
  • You can type some simple words or put any symbol on your T-shirt, and if you have any interesting pictures, you can insert it. Teespring allows the users do that as well as choosing T-shirt colors without any fee, and if you do not have any funny pictures. There are some available pictures for you as well.
  • There will be 3 standards which are “Budget friendly” – cheapest and low quality, “Top of the Line” – Too expensive – low profit and “Premium Material” – suitable price with acceptable quality.
  1. Set price

After doing that, Teespring will show you how to set your selling target and quantity that you can sell in the next 10 days. Through this process, you can also see the profits from the selling target, and your commission per T-shirt should be around $5

  1. Create a title and write a product description

    Best Tshirt Design
    Best Tshirt Design

You must create your own marketing title to attract the customers, and it should relate to your T-shirt, such as “High quality T-shirt”, “Couple T-shirt” or “Funny T-shirt for kids”. Besides that, you should write a description about your products in order to help the customers know its materials and its colors.

However, if you are only selling your T-shirt on Teespring, you might not have much money. So you should advertise it in some of your social network like Facebook. Creating your Fanpage on Facebook with the name relates to your business, add some T-shirt pictures – it must be available in Teespring then add your Teespring link. Europe market will be your concerned market because it has the amounts of potential customers there. Do not be afraid of paying a few dollars for marketing campaign as an ad banner, and it will bring you the amounts of profits. In case, you do not want to pay any of this. You can ask your friends help you spread our Fanpage to attract more clients.

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