How to do SEO on your website

In these recent years, SEO has become a popular word which has mentioned a lots since marketing online has grown rapidly, but some people who also participate in marketing online, do not know much about SEO; therefore, what is SEO, how we do SEO and Its benefits? SEO can also be defined as the method which is used to push the company’s website into the top rank (in the first page) in the result of the search engine (known as Google Search).

How can we do SEO?

Nowadays, there are the amounts of articles have been published in order to teach and show people how can do a good SEO for their website. However, most of it is quite complex, and it causes a difficulty for the users. Therefore, here are some simple explanations and easy ways that we can use to have a perfectly SEO for our website.

    1. Researching the keyword:

Keywords always play an important role in SEO. Finding correct SEO keywords in order to optimize the website is a very necessary things to guarantee the success of each SEO. There are several ways that we can use to find the hottest and most popular keywords. The most important and necessary thing is finding the top and suitable keywords. Which are related to the company’s products and services, and it must be found on your website. These are some reliable keywords research tools which have been used widely:

  • – This is the top website about SEO, it provides to the users several services, such as keywords research, analyze and evaluate SEO …, but the users must pay to use it. The lowest fee is $99. It will be paid monthly. Trial (14 days) is also available for new users.
  • Google Keyword Planner – It is the most popular and free SEO tools from Google Adwords. You can find best keywords by searching in here for your website.
  • Keyword – It provides to the users both paid and unpaid version, so the users can choose depending on their demand. This is one of the best keyword research engine which has attracted a lots of SEO marketers.
  • -This website does not only provide keywords research engine to the users, it also provides some others useful tools which include competitors’ keywords research. Alexa offers both version which is trial and paid.
  • Google Analytics  -This is a free SEO and marketing tools from google, and it has been used over the world. You can find your site analysis/Analytics easily.

In fact, there will be three kinds of SEO keywords which are commercial keywords, brand keywords and informational keywords. There are also two types of keywords which are short keywords (Fat Head) and long keywords (Long Tail). Moreover, you must research clearly about the information that you need to know in order to have a good SEO keywords.

  • What is SEO keywords?
  • How to research SEO keywords.
  • The important of research SEO keywords.
  • Know and learn how to use SEO Research Tools.
  • Evaluate the difficult of SEO keywords.
    2. Domain:

Choosing a good domain is also important because it will help us optimize easily our website. However, it is not easy to have a great domain because there are billions of websites have been used, and some of your wanted domains have been chosen. Therefore, you can access to some domain checker websites in order to check and find which websites are about to expire. Besides that, you can also use domain checker tools.

  • Domainr -This tool can be seen as the best domain checker tool when it provides to the users a several different website domains with short URL.
  • -By typing the keywords, this domain checker tool will list to the users the amounts of unused domains which end with .com and .net.

  • -Besides of helping the users find the used domains, this tool also provides to the users some helpful keywords for SEO purpose.
  • -With some of your keywords, this domain checker tool will provide you a hundred of domain names. Especially, it also gives to the users a lot of suggested domains by changing the position of each word or adding more interesting words.3.Optimizing Onpage:

It is not hard to optimize onpage, but we must be careful in these sections:

  • Title: this is one of the important contents in the website as well as the important elements in SEO. The title of your site should not longer than 60 words and must related to your services or products. It will be perfect if you use your brand name in the title.
  • Descriptions and Heading: This is known as a short paragraph which is used to describe about the company’s products or services or some others subjects which relate to the business. Furthermore, you should use a lot of keywords in these paragraph in order to optimize fully your website.
  • Internal links: these are the links between the pages which have the same domain, and it often uses to navigate the web pages.

Besides these three important and needed elements that you need in SEO. There are also a lot of things that you have to know as well as apply in order to optimize perfectly your web, such as building link and building traffic. After our onpage has been optimized We are continue to bring our website to our clients as well as readers, and this is what you need to know if you want to advertise effectively your site:

  • Understanding about backlink.
  • Anchor text and diversity in anchor text.
  • Understanding about Nofollow and Dofollow.
  • Always update blog dofollow list.
  • Building links from different fields.
  • Have a strategy in building link.
  • Prevent Penguin in building link.

    Furthermore, we should try to build and get more traffic for you website. Actually, we can get the amounts of traffics from the top social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

    Social Tips
    Social Tips

In case, if you are wonder why SEO has been attracted a lot of marketers, here are the reasons:

  • SEO helps you improving and increasing your website’s rank and Get Visitors from Search Engines.
  • SEO helps you increasing the numbers of potential customers.
  • It helps your brand as well as your website become more striking.After Learn SEO you can make money online by SEO. You can check here How to Make money in Fiverr

Nowadays, when technology and internet information have grown rapidly, SEO becomes more and more important. Although it seems to be quite complicated to apply SEO for your website. It will bring much benefits for your business. Therefore, depending on your website in order to choose the suitable SEO methods for your site.

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