How To Be A Successful Youtuber In 6 Months

Youtube is one of the most familiar words with everybody in the whole world. Youtube is the social network which uses to share videos and it belongs to Google. It contains billions of videos including movies, drama, documentary films, home-made videos and so on. Especially, this website is not only the place for people to watch their favorite videos or movies, it is also a place for them the earn money. For those who do not know about this information or people who want to earn money through Youtube (we call them Successful Youtuber ) and do not know how to do, here are three suggested forms for you:

Make Money by Youtube
Make Money by Youtube
  1. Earn money through Google Adsense & Network:

In order to use these two services, your video must have at least 10 thousand views. Successful Youtuber will earn money when their viewers have one of these actions:

  • Click on ad banner in your video.
  • Watch full ad video in your video.
  • Must watch at least 60% your video.
  1. Earn money through Video Affiliate Marketing:

If you decide to earn money through that way, you must know the important factor of this is that it is not about the numbers of viewers, it is about the numbers of people who purchase goods through the provided link in your video. In order to create an effective video, you must determine exactly your wanted products or services; there will be 2 ways for Youtuber to create video affiliate marketing:

  • Make a video and review a product or service by yourself.
  • Hire a freelancer to write a review for your products or you can edit it by yourself.
  1. Applying Youtube for your own business:

If you have your own business, this idea will be the best option for you. This is one of the best and most effective ways for business increase their revenues. The company will create a video which relates and focuses mainly the selling products and services to final customers.

In fact, there are a lot of written articles about how to be a successful Youtuber for those who are a new and current Youtubers.

  • For new Youtubers

Register a new account is always a needed thing, and it is really easy.

  1. Choose the topic for your Youtube channel

In order to attract the viewers, you must have a clear topic about your videos. You must a well knowledge about the topic and it will be great that you are an expert on that topic. We are not a television where can show to the viewers all the things around the world. So just focus, share, post or make about the products and services that you know clearly about it, such as cosmetic products, perfume, technology, fitness and so on.

  1. Partners

If you plan to create a video by yourself, it will be better doing that with your friends. Actually, you can do it by yourself depending on your video contents, but we always should consider a help from our friends to make it perfectly to the viewers

  1. Preparing a good video camera and editor

If you want to make a video by yourself, you must prepare for yourself a good camera to make a high-quality clip. In fact, you can make a video by using any smart-technologies having a high-resolution camera.

How to start Career In Freelancing
How to start Career In Freelancing

After that, you must have a good care for the video content. Edit is an important step that you should not pass because it contributes the success for your video. You must make sure you know at least one or 2 skills about making a video, such as cut and join the clips and voice record.

  1. Make a plan to produce a video.
    • Research clearly about your idea and content. Do not make a video if you do not know clearly about your video content.
    • Have a good preparation and equipment. With the review type, stop-motion and DIY type, you must have an early preparation in order to make your video quicker and more effective as well as saving your time and fee.
    • Make a plan to make and up a video. If you want to increase the rate of views for your channel, you must up at least 2-3 videos per week. Therefore, if you do not have a plan to make and up, you can not compete with others Youtubers.
    • Create Youtube channel and advertise it. Everything you need at this stage is creating  your own Youtuber channel with your Gmail ID and your laptop or cell phone; especially, you can create many channels with only one Gmail. After that, use your social networks and ask your friends to help you spread your videos as much you can; especially when you have a new video.
  • For current Youtubers

If you have become a Youtuber for a period of time, all of above steps must be familiar with you. After doing all of those steps, this is a time for you to develop fully your channel, so you must:

  1. Optimizing your channel’s display and describe your channel
    • You must have a short content describe about your channel and each posted video must have its own content, and it must be short.
    • Connect your youtube channel with your social networks or some popular social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
    • Classify your videos if you have more than one topic about your video channel.
    • You can optimize your channel with a heading, describe and some keywords (like SEO) but not too much because your channel or video might be marked “SPAM” when having many key words.
  2. Reply to your viewers

Many reviews will be posted by your viewers, some of it might be the negative reviews and some are positive reviews, and you must accept and read through all of it. Whether it is a negative or positive review. It shows to you that they are watching your video and care about it. Besides, you should also ask their opinions to know what you should improve in order to have a high quality and effective video.

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