How Can Start Your Career In Freelancing Profession

Economic crisis has cause to a serious problem which is an unemployment. Some people are really upset and disappointed because they cannot find a job or do not have enough money to take care about their family. Therefore, they have decided to become a freelancer in order to have a job and improving their income. Although there are amounts of works that you can find in freelancer websites. The numbers of freelancers are much higher, and it has also led to a huge raise in the rate of competitors. Thus, how can we survive in that competitive environment?

  1. A second language – English (US English or UK English) is a popular language which has been used widely in the world. It has also become a compelled language in some countries. Whether you work in a local or international freelance website. You must prepare yourself a basic knowledge about English in order to win a job as well as compete with others freelancers. Moreover, you should also prepare yourself a third language like Japanese, Chinese, French or Korean. It will bring you more chance and earn the amount of money.
  2. A well or deep knowledge about your work. If you are thinking you can find a freelance job with your vague knowledge, it is definitely a mistake. Some employers will not check your profile and knowledge before hiring. But if you send them a bad work, you will receive a worse review which might not bring you any further jobs.

    Knowledge Is power
    Turn ON
  3. Prepare yourself a good and excellent profile. Some freelancers think that they just write some details in their profile like what they can do, their hobbies or their study on the profile. They can have a job or an invitation from any employers. In fact, most of these profiles will be passed at the beginning. So prepare yourself a good profile which has a good description about yourself, your clear knowledge, skill and experiences. These things will help you have a plus point which brings you more chance to receive a job than others freelancers.
  4. Considering about the fee or commission. There are a thousand of published freelance websites in the world. Some of them will take a high commission (fee) from freelancers. Such as will take you $5 per fixed price project. If the project budget is higher than $50, the fee will be much higher. Hence, although it is the best freelance site, you should consider carefully if you do not want to pay much for the fee.

Besides, there are also some useful tips and techniques that the freelancers must have in order to make them become a professional freelancer.

  1. Work arrangement & Time management:

Do not become a freelancer if you do not have these two skills. Because working as a freelancer, our deadline is not only a day in a week. It also can be any time or any day in a year like midnight, Saturday night, Sunday morning or in your holiday. Therefore, you must:

Take Care About time
Take Care About Time
  • Arrange your time in order to make all of the works finish on time. You must finish the important project and urgent work job first, then go to the others.
  • Must have a “preservative time”. Try to send the work to the employers earlier than the deadline in order to help us can have time to fix if it has any problems.
  1. Know how to say “No”:

As a new freelancer, we are really happy when receiving any invitations or reward from the employers; however, you must read carefully the project description and the employers’ requirements. If it does not fix with your skills and knowledge, do not be afraid to say no with your clients. In fact, it does not mean you cannot do that, it means “I can help you, but the other freelancers will bring you better work than me, so we can save our valuable time”.

  1. Communication & Building Trust:

Working as a freelancer, communication between the employers and freelancers are really important. Because all of the things will be talked and exchanged through internet. Besides that, trying to convince and building trust with the employers are also a very necessary thing that all of freelancers must do in order to make the work more fluent and effective.

  1. Living with stress:

Although we are working as a freelancer who can work whenever we want or bid any project that we like. We still have to face with stress. Most of them are the writers who often do the urgent works from their employers like writing 4000-6000 words without any plagiarism within 24 hours. These requirements have brought to a freelance writer a serious stressful. So if you do not know how to control your time and your stress, you will give up your work. It will definitely bring you a bad review from your employer.

  1. Know to get down the payment:

Unfortunately, some freelancers complain that they do not receive any payments from the employers although they have done perfectly the job. Therefore, to prevent these problems, before starting any project, you must require your employers create a milestone or ask them release 30-50% of the total payment. The milestone can be divided into 2 or 3 parts like first, second and final article. So you can receive your payment after you finish each task.

In case, you are a new freelancer, here are some best freelance site for you to find work and make money and you can build your career in Freelancing profession.

  1. Freelancer (

This is the largest freelance website in the world. It does not only have a largest numbers of employers and freelancers. It also has the highest numbers of freelance jobs. Although the commission of this site is high. It is still a great freelance website for all freelancers in the whole world.Click here to Create an account.

  1. Upwork (known as Elance & Odesk)

Upwork is also known as the best freelance website. It offers more than a million of freelance jobs to all freelancers. However, if you want to work in this site, you must prepare yourself a good profile in order to attract the employers.You can click here to create an account.

  1. Guru

This site is quite similarity with Freelance and Upwork. Working at Guru, but working here, you can feel secure because of their neat payment process. Guru always ask the employers must deposit money in order to make sure they will pay for freelancers’ work.Click here to Create an Account.

  1. Witmart (

This is a common freelance website where focus a lot of Asian employers and freelancers. Thus, if you know Chinese or Japanese, you will have a high chance to receive a job here.Click here to Create an Account.

Actually, it is not really hard to become a freelancer as well as a professional freelancer. However, we need to work hard in order to complete the works on time and receive a positive review from our employers.


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