How can Satisfy your Clients

We all known that customers have a large contribution in the success of all businesses. Most company believe that customers satisfaction is the meter uses to measure their success and position in the market. Actually, there are numerous kinds of customers, such as, loyal customers, frequent customers or fastidious customers, and depending on the customers characteristics as well as their demand to define the ways that we treat our clients. Nowadays, most businesses have divided the customers into few groups:

  • Loyal customers. These customers are very important with the company because they come to us not from advertising or any invitations, they come to us because they like and trust our products and services. Therefore, we must take a good care for these customers.
  • Frequent customers. This is the most popular customers (from 80% – 90%), most of them come to us through marketing campaign which cost us much money, and they might come only one time. However, they are our potential loyal clients, so we should take care and try to convince them becoming our loyal customers.
  • Only buy when they needed and discount. These two types of clients just want to buy what they really need and only willing to buy more when their needed products have a cheaper price. Therefore, we just need to advise them what they need and if you want to clear your stock. These people are your target customers.
  • Fastidious customers. With these kinds of clients, we just need to treat them like a queen or king. They will definitely buy our products as well as using our services.

Moreover, customers’ satisfaction is also divided into 5 stages:

  1. Stage 1 (Low satisfaction)

This is the lowest level in the customers satisfaction stage. It shows that the customers do not like the company’s products or services. There are a hundred of reasons will be given by our valued customers to show that they do not want to buy or use our products and services, such as late delivery and products or services quality is not same as they saw in advertising. As a result, these kinds of customers will not come back to buy and use our products and services.

  1. Stage 2-4 (Average/middle satisfaction)

Most businesses are serving these kinds of customers (approximately 60%), and they have had a major contribution in the success of each business. However, some of these clients might not feel happy while they are using our products or services, but they do not say any bad or good things about our company.

Client Satisfaction Score
Client Satisfaction Score
  1. Stage 4-5 (High satisfaction)

This is the highest satisfactory rate of customers while they are using our products and services. They have seen as our loyal customers who always say good things about our company; moreover, they are also willing to introduce about products and services to their friends or their family. In fact, some large companies like Nike or Adidas, they always try to convince and make each customer becoming their loyal customer by their customer care policy.

Unlike products, services are always a challenge for all the businesses because of its invisible and it is quite hard for them to evaluate its quality. Most businesses said that services quality can be defined as the distance, and it can be used to evaluate that did the business meet customers demand? or did the company reach the customers’ expectation while they are using their services?

Actually, some businesses decided to divide services quality into 5 different kinds of distances:

  1. Distance 1:

This distance happens when the business does not really understand the customers demands, so they cannot reach their needs. However, one of the main reasons lead to that distance is because of the businesses do not know how to create the services quality in order to satisfy customers demand.

  1. Distance 2:

It occurs when the businesses have some difficulties in changing customers awareness about their services. Actually, the main cause of this difficulty is lacking of professionalism from the staffs as well as the overwhelming about services demand.

  1. Distance 3:

The reason has led to this distance is that the staffs do not delivery fully the services as well as the quality of services to the clients as they promised or advertised.

  1. Distance 4:

In this stage, most of the customers come to the company through advertising. It brings to the customers a lot of expectations when they are using the company’s services. However, while using it, some of them find out that the services are not good as in the advertising or marketing campaign. Thus, they feel quite disappointed, and it has caused to this distance.

  1. Distance 5:

This distance happens when the customers do not find any differences between the services in advertising and the services that they are using. On this stage, the services quality can be seen as a perfect for both company and clients.

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Nowadays, All of the companies have tried to reach the distance 5 because it shows that they are successfully building trust with their clients as well as they can develop fully their business. In order to do that, there are also 5 basic reference steps that most businesses can use to improve their service quality:

  • Tangibles: Using documents, equipment, pictures, appearance or staff customs to show the company’s services to the clients.
  • Reliable: Provide products or services quality same as advertising.
  • Responsiveness: Always be ready to serve the customers.
  • Assurance: Always serve the customers with warmth and friendly. Try to solve all the problems as soon as we can in order to make our customers satisfy and happy.
  • Empathy: Always show the kindness and care to each client.

In brief, customers satisfaction is always our first care whether we run a small or big business; therefore, these are 9 points that all the businesses; especially marketing staffs must know in order to satisfy the clients:

  • Always remember customers are the king/queen.
  • Always listen the customers ideas and opinion then reply it as soon as we can.
  • Try to sympathize with the clients.
  • Understand customers psychology and their demand.
  • Try to take care all kinds of customers.
  • Always friendly and sociable.
  • Always try to keep contact with the clients; especially, loyal customers.
  • Try to be flexible while serving as well as solving problem.
  • Be responsible.

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