How Can Promote Your Business By Email Marketing

Nowadays, a lot of companies apply an email marketing method for their businesses; especially, the small businesses. According to the market research of in 2015, there were approximately 73% of sales managers and entrepreneurs said that an email marketing method has become the main core of their marketing campaign. However, it is not easy as its name “Email Marketing”, you cannot just write some words in the email contents and send it to your clients. It definitely not work and that email might be marked as spam, so how can we promote effectively our business to final clients by the Email Marketing.

  1. Determine the right receivers.

Determining the right potential customers are really important in Email Marketing. It does not only help you save your time. It also helps you gain the amounts of customers come to your business. Actually, it is not hard for us to collect any email ID from another person, by creating any marketing campaigns and activities in order to have customers’ emails. Besides, you can collect the emails from your partners or your friends. After sending the first emails, you will know:

  • The percentage of deleted emails have been deleted by your customers.
  • The percentage who interact with your business after receiving an email.
  • The percentage of people come to your website.

    Email Marketing Process
    Email Marketing Process
  1. Filter the emails that have less interact

You can know the customers who less interact with you through their last order and last interaction. Mostly, the customers who do not interact with your company in 1 to 3 months will be marked as “less interact” and around 3 to 6 months will be marked as “no interact”, so you can delete email of these customers.

  1. Create and carry out the email content then send it.

Most of the service companies will send an email to their clients with the contents:

– The company is filtering the customers’ data, so they should click on an email or link if they still want to interact with the company.

– With “less interact” clients, we should send many emails per month to attract their attention rather than sending an email which focues strongly on the main points. The email of content for these kinds of this customers should:

– Mention the topics that you think they will like

– Asking or survey about customers’ attitudes when they receive and read your email.

– Create new activities

– Give them some discounted programs like vouchers or samples in order to bring them back.

– Make friendly emails

– Short and effective

  1. Take a good care of interactive clients.

– Determine with the customers about what they will and want to receive in the email and email contents. It will help reducing the rate of annoying.

– Make an interesting email to build a strong impression with your customers.

– Write an email content depending on the customers’ characteristics.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Whether you are having a big or small business, writing and sending an email to our potential as well as loyal clients are very important. Because it does not only announce to the clients new products, services or any information. It also shows to them your respect. Therefore, there are some rules that all the businesses must follow in order to make the “Email Marketing” more effectively.

  1. Everybody like to be interested, so you should send them these emails to express the company’s care with the clients. For example, you can send an email on their holiday or birthday with the main point is wishing them have a happy holiday. This is the simple email, but it always has a positive result.
  2. Write an email for them as you are talking with your best friends. By sending an email with friendly tone and some little respect, you can build trust with your clients than always be a formal person with a formal email.
  3. Personalize your email. Everybody likes to call them by their name or sure name (depending on the country culture), so do not be lazy and send all the emails to your customers without their names. It definitely makes them feel less respect and will not use your company products or services.
  4. Interesting and attractive title. The title is the thing that the customers will see firstly, so you must make the interesting and clearly title with strong words and focus on the main points. It will make the customers curious about the content.
  5. Make a neat email. Do not write a long email because it will make the readers feel bored. Some people think that sending a long email will have full the details than the short one, and it is completely wrong. You just need to write a short email with bullet points. Moreover, you can also add some links to your website or related website, and if they want to read more, they will click to that link.
  6. Use beautiful and high-resolution pictures. Do not use a large image because it might block the image and if the customers download the email, it will be really slow. Therefore, we should choose a suitable quality image.

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    How to start Career In Freelancing
  7. No spam emails. We must make our clients think we are a professional marketer, so do not “SPAM”, they never like it.
  8. Make friendly email with a mobile interface. With the developing of smart-technologies like smartphone. So that your email should optimize for mobile devices because your customers will read your email whenever they are free.
  9. Set the appropriate mailing time. Some researcher mentioned that, around 9-10am and 15-16 pm, this is the time that people usually read the emails. In fact, depending on their working time, they will have a different time to check their email. So you can try to know about what the most suitable mailing time for your customers.
  10. Marked as “SPAM” and not open your email. Do not worried about this, in this case, you must stop sending an email to your customers and finding what is the problems and reasons that lead to this problem.

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