Healthy Tips For Freelancers

As a freelancers, we can earn much money per month. It means that we must work really hard to complete the tasks from our employers. No matter how long you have worked as a freelancer, you have to recognize that working as a freelancer. We have to face with so many pressures and it definitely brings some negative effects on our health. Therefore, how can we stay healthy and happy while we are working in this industry? Must keep your mind fresh.Now you can check tips for freelancers by that you can fit mentally and physically.

  1. This is one of the best healthy tips for freelancers . According to some health expert, by doing meditate at least 30 minutes per day, it will bring you so many benefits:
  • Reduce Stress
  • Reduce Muscle Tension
  • Improve Heart Beat and Mood
  • Improve Immune System
  • Increase concentrate ability

    Health Tips for Freelancers
    Health Tips for Freelancers
  1. Take a rest and take a nap. Some freelancers are really worried about of deadline, and some of them often work for an urgent project. So they always stay at their table and work as much as they can. In fact, it will not bring the best results for your work, it will impact strongly on your health, such as some serious sicknesses like disk herniation, spine disease and stress. Therefore, it will be better that you will take a short rest and a short sleep, it definitely improve your working process as well as your health.
  2. Healthy meal. Working as a freelancer, we usually work overtime. So if we eat convenient and fast food, we will face with some serious sicknesses like obesity and heart attack. Do not take much high cholesterol foods and seafood, reducing caffeine, eat more vegetable, and drink more fruit juice.
  3. Do not receive so many works because you might not finish it on time. Besides, organize and classify the documents are also needed.
  4. Do exercise at your desk. In order to prevent some negative impacts, you need to do some simple exercises at your desk whenever you can, such as arm stretching, neck and shoulder stretching will make you feel release and comfortable. Actually, there are a lot of exercises that you can do at your desk and your room.
  5. Knee Press
  6. Reach and Ben
  7. Chest Opener
  8. Bubble-head
  9. Rubber Neck
  10. Walk and Job in Place
  11. Push-Up
  12. Glute Squeeze
  13. Lunge
  14. Wall Siting
  15. Take a break for your eyes. Working as a freelancer; especially the freelancers writers, most of our time is spending on our computer doing research and writing, so we must follow the rule 20-20, it means you must take 20 seconds break for your eyes in every 20 minutes and look at any objects are far at least 20 feet.

    Rest of Eye
    Rest of Eye
  16. Go outside. Nothing will be greater to go outside, talk a deep breath in the fresh air. Some freelance experts believe that by going outside as well as change working environment, it will be an incredibly helpful for you because it might bring you some new ideas for your current work.
  17. As a freelancer, coffee will be our best friend. In fact, if we drink too much coffee in order to help us not fall asleep, it will harm our health and make we feel jittery and tired. Therefore, you should only drink one or two cup of coffee per day then replace your coffee by other healthy water like fruit juice and normal water. Lacking of water will cause us some symptoms like headaches, fatigue and lose focus, and if you do not like drinking water, you can spice up your cup with some mint, lemon or ginger or you can drink some tea.
  18. Healthy Snacks. Snack is always one of our favorite foods whether we are working, studying or watching favorite movies. Therefore, while doing some freelance work, you should take some time to rest and go out to buy some fruit and vegetable and store it as your snack. Avoiding fatty and sugary foods is also needed for freelancers because most of our time will be spent at our table, so it might cause us fatty.
  19. Sit Properly. Because most of our time is sitting and doing our work, so sitting for that long will definitely effect on our health. Hence, many doctors have suggested that you must sit up straight and do not lean forward towards the laptop. Besides, you should also bend your knees at the right angle.
  20. Create a fresh and relaxing environment for your workplace. Our work always requires us a lot of sitting; thus, we need to have a space which allow us having a comfortable chair, a fresh working air. It means that you will make your room becoming your workplace as well as making your workplace become your place where you can stay and sleep whenever you need.

Besides these healthy tips, you must also prepare yourself a good or deep knowledge about your work, it will reduce your pressure a lot. There are the thousands of freelance jobs have been posted per day in the whole world, and this is some top freelance sites for those who want to work in a professional environment and guarantee the payment process:

  1. Freelancer : This is the top freelance website, it has more than thousands of jobs have been posted for millions of freelancers. However, they have been complained by many freelancers about no policy to protect the freelancers.

    How to start Career In Freelancing
    How to start Career In Freelancing
  2. Upwork: Similarity with Freelance, Upwork offers the amounts of jobs for freelancers, such as writing, graphic designing and translating, and most of the posted jobs are in fix-price in order to reduce the fee for freelancers.
  3. Guru: Unlike Upwork and Freelance, Guru protects freelancers by requiring the employers must make a deposit before hiring any freelancers. However, there is not much jobs on this site.
  4. Peopleperhour and Freelance Writing Gigs:  Although this freelance site does not provide much work for freelancers, it has a lot of healthy, effective and useful tips and articles for new and current freelancers to improve their skills.

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