Best Websites to Earn Money By Writing Article

Nowadays, freelance has become one of the most famous jobs in the world because it brings to everybody a huge chance to have a job as well as having a good income. Moreover, there are several of freelance jobs for all kinds of freelancers from designing, IT, finance, law to translation and writing. Actually, when becoming a freelance writer. You will have more chance to work than the other people because the numbers of writing works are usually higher than others. Another thing that lead to the grow in the numbers of freelance writer is that the high demand in variety fields. Such as writing SEO articles, content writing, video explaining, products reviews and so on. Therefore, here are some top reliable freelance websites for you to look at when you want to become a freelance writer.

How to start Career In Freelancing
How to start Career In Freelancing
  1. Freelancer:

This is the best freelance website which has the largest numbers of freelancers and employers in the world. In freelance (, you can find a millions of writing jobs. However, there are some problems that you also have to face when using this site:

  • There are no protected policy for freelancers.
  • High rate of competitors.
  • High fee.
  • Low chance for new freelance.
  1. UpWork:

This is your second choice if you cannot get any works from Freelance. Similarity to Freelance, Upwork provides to the users the variety works, such as designer, translator, IT, tutor and writing. While there are so many fixed-price work in freelancer, there are several hourly-price in order to help the freelancers can reduce the taken fee. Especially, the membership in Upwork is quite low, and they also give you 60 free bids per month. In order to have an award or invited, you must prepare for yourself a good profile because in Upwork, the employers will evaluate and choose you through your profile as well as your reviews. Another plus point in Upwork is that you can take the test without paying any fee.

  1. Guru:

While two top freelancer websites “Freelancer and Upwork” do not require the employers deposit any money before starting a project or hiring any freelancer. Guru requires their employers must send some money to their pocket (escrow) in order to protect the freelancers. Besides, there are a lot of jobs in Guru, and some of it reaches to thousand dollars per project. So Guru is a good freelance website for freelancers including freelance writers.

  1. Fiverr:

Although Fiverr is one of the best online market where sell and provides all kinds of products and services. It also provides some freelance jobs like design, IT and writing with the lowest price is $5. Unlike other freelance sites, you must create your own service, and your clients will use your service if you reach their requirements. For example: I will help you writing a content with $5, and you will describe clearly your knowledge and what you can do to help your clients in your selling service.

  1. Peopleperhour and Freelance Writing Gigs:

Both of these two websites provide to freelancers a lot of works related to writing. In fact, there are not much job websites mention about Peopleperhour and Freelance Writing Gigs in their article, but these are good freelance websites for those who are looking for a freelance writing job. Additionally, Freelance Writing Gigs also shares the experiences from the top and successful freelancers in order to help new and current freelancers improving their skills effectively.

  1. Ifreelance:

Unlike others freelance site, Ifreelance does not take any commision or fee from the freelancers. They only request their freelancers buying their monthly package to bid the employers’ projects. Together with freelancers, as an employer, you must also buy Ifreelance package in order to post your projects as well as hiring freelancers.

  1. College Recruiter:

This is one of the best and common freelance websites for students in the world. It provides the amount of works, such as online tutor, design logo, accountancy and writing. Although this is a freelance web for college and bachelor students, some employers still require you work as a full time freelancer. Furthermore, this site also offers a hundred of blogs and usefull tips for students and others freelancers.

These websites are the top freelance sites in the world, and if you are looking for local freelance website; here are these top websites:

Ozlance:  This website is similarity with which has a high commission fee approximately 3% of the final job value. Unfortunately, this common freelance site is only available in Australia and New Zealand. So if you are looking for these two local freelancers, you can come to Ozlance.

Seek: Seek is known as the best freelance writing site in Australia. There are approximately a hundred writing jobs have been posted per day, and its commission rate is lower than Ozlance. Hence, if you live in Australia, this website is your best choice.

Jobsinparis: This is one of the most popular freelance websites in France. They provide to their clients a hundred freelance jobs, and most of it is about writing work. Although this is a France freelance website, you must know English in order to have a regularly work here.

Truelancer: This is the best freelance web where focuses the amounts of skilled Indian freelancers in India and all kinds of freelance jobs in the world from marketing experts, financial analyst to logo design, copy and article writing. Working in Truelancer, you can definitely feel secure because of their neat payment process. This process is to make sure the employers have to pay immediately the fee when the freelancers finish their job.


WorknHire: If you cannot find any job in Truelancer, WorknHire is your next choice. It offers to freelancers the amounts of jobs, such as graphic designing, programming and copy writing. A plus point of this site is that you can know the freelancers who are near your place.

YouthForWork: This site is for Indian students to find writing and other freelance jobs. There are the amounts of available part and full time jobs with various tests for Indian students in order to improve effectively their skills.

No matter which country that you live or work. There are a thousand of freelance website where provide writing job for you. Thus, you just need to choose the most suitable site because different freelance websites will have different policy about protect freelancer, employers and commission.

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