20 Best CPA Networks In 2018

If you are a person who earn money through internet (known as MMO), the terminology “Affiliate marketing or CPA” will be a familiar words with you. However, for some other people who want to join Affiliate marketing and do not have much knowledge about CPA, here are your needed information about Best CPA Networks in 2018.

CPA is stand for Cost Per Action, and it can be understand as an Affiliate marketing which is one of the marketing methods, and the advertiser must pay for each action or eligible conversion, such as registration or participate in any events by clicking on the banner or link on the linked page. Besides CPA, there are also some other common terminologies that you must know if you want to become a MMO:

  • CPM – Cost per thousand impression. It means you will be charged when your advertisement has showed to the visitors/users a thousand time.
  • CPC – Cost per click. It means you will charged when the users click on your banner.

CPM and CPC are the two traditional advertising methods, and we can find it easily in Google or Facebook. Nevertheless, in these recent years, most of the advertisers as well as large companies have changed to CPA because they do not pay any money if the visitors only click on their banner and do not take any specific actions, such as buying a product or register a service on their website.

In fact, there are so many different forms to calculate the CPA advertising cost.

  • CPS (Cost per Sale). This will be charged for advertising when the customers buying any products or services on the website of the suppliers/distributors.
  • CPL (Cost per Lead). This will be charged for advertising when the clients complete the tasks following the distributors’ requirement and policy on their website.
  • CPI (Cost per Install). This will be charged for advertising when the clients install any apps of the advertisers.

How does CPA mean to the users?

  • With merchant. Unlike CPM and CPC, CPA allows the merchant know exactly how much they have spent and how much they can get. Furthermore, CPA also shows its effectiveness when it allows the merchant only pays the fee when the users have a specific action as they expect the users do.
  • With distributors (Affiliate). In contrast with CPM and CPC, CPA can be seen as a big challenge for them because the commission only happen when the users have completed fully the task or requirement from the advertisers.
  • With users. Through CPA, the users can have more supports from the advertisers/company, such as discount, sample or voucher depending on their policy.

    How to start Career In Freelancing
    How to start Career In Freelancing

How can we earn money through CPA?

With CPA, you definitely can make some money through the other people’ services or products. Each products or service is an “offer”, and each “offer” will have different characteristic.

  • Conversion Point. You will have this requirement from the advertiser, and you will receive the commission when they receive any specific actions from your friends or anybody clicking your provided link. For example, some body click on your provided link and buy a product on the advertiser’s website, you will have a commission.
  • The fee that you will receive when conversion happens.
  • Traffic Source. The requirement is about your advertising methods.

Here are the top 20 Best CPA Networks for you:

  1. Clickbooth

Clickbooth is one of the most recognized fast growing network in CPA industry.With 2 years in the top list of CPA Affiliate Network, Clickbooth has attracted a lot of advertisers and publishers because of its innovative optimization.Last year they pay more than 100M to their affiliates. Its is one of the favorite CPA network for old or super Affiliates.



  1. MaxBounty

Maxbounty has become one of the top CPA Affiliate Networks since 2004. It has satisfied a thousand of affiliates with the amount of revenue from CPA advertising.

  1. Peerfly

Peerfly has had a remarkable reputation in CPA Affiliate Network. It has more than 30 thousand publishers spread across 165 countries in the whole world.

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  1. GlobalWide Media (knew as Neverblue)

This is one of the leaders in CPA Affiliate Network, they provide variety of free affiliate programs for all affiliates.

  1. ClickDealer

This CPA Affiliate Network provides a several offers with really good payout for affiliates. It has become a common CPA Affiliate Network with some excellent affiliate managers who are always ready to support you. Besides, ClickDealer offers on-time payment policy, so affiliates will not worry about the payment.

  1. Above – All – Offer

This is one of the best international CPA Affiliate Networks when it supports all affiliates around the world 24/7, so your problem will be solved quickly and effectively with their friendly and professional staffs.

  1. Panthera Network

This is one of the top 20 CPA Affiliate Networks in the world. Panthera Network has more than a thousand of publishers, and they are able to generate more than millions of sale per month.

  1. CrakRevenue

This is a premium CPA Affiliate Network with premium offer in variety markets like VOD and Dating. CrakRevenue has succeeded in Affiliate market for 10 years with various payment methods, such as Wire, Paxum and Check.

  1. AdWork Media

This is a common CPA Affiliate Network which has had a large numbers of international affiliates.

  1. CPATrend

CPATrend has become a popular CPA Affiliate Network since Phil Shapiro who is their affiliate, has succeed in Affiliate market and become famous.

  1. Madrivo

Madrivo can be seen as one of the top CPA Affiliate Networks because it usually has a high rank in Affiliate Satisfaction.

  1. W4

This CPA Affiliate Network has attracted a lot of advertisers and publishers since it has a great experienced team as well as a high vote from local and international affiliates.

  1. Cpamatica

This is one of the leaders in CPA Affiliate Network. They offer an excellent earning opportunity for all affiliate with lowest weekly payment $50.

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  1. Matomy Media Group.

It has had a rapid growth in these recent years and become one of the most famous CPA Affiliate Network.

  1. A4D

This is a best CPA Affiliate Network for publishers, and it is A San Diego based network.

  1. Mobidea

This CPA Affiliate Network won the award Mobile Affiliate Network, and it has more than 130 thousand affiliates now.

  1. Adperio

This CPA Affiliate Network is in Denver, and it has been established more than 20 years. However, in these years, they have become one of the top CPA Affiliate Networks.

  1. Nutryst

Although this is a new CPA Affiliate Network, it has attracted the amounts of affiliates, but all students are restricted.

  1. Adknowledge

Adknowledge becomes one of the attractive CPA Affiliate Network since it provides to affiliates the amounts ranks of products and distribution channels.

  1. Glispa

Glispa can be known as a good CPA Affiliate Network since it has a lot of CPA and mobile CPA offers.

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